The Wonders of Canary Islands Sailing

Have you ever thought about going to the sun kissed Canary Islands for a holiday? How about a Canary Islands sailing trip? Sailing through the Canary Islands will bring you long lasting wonderful memories for years to come. This is a fabulous vacation option, but you should be an experienced sailor or you should hire an experienced sailor for your trip, you will better be able to determine your needs on visiting one of several Canary Islands yacht charter services.

The Canary islands history dates back all the way to ancient Greece, it was even thought that the island of Atlantis was one of these gorgeous islands. Later forgotten and rediscovered in the 14th century when it was considered to be the end of the world, and still later used as a stopping point for ships traveling to the new world. Canary Islands sailing will bring you glimpses of these historic moments. A Canary Islands yacht charter will let you see the entire exotic flavor of these beautiful islands. You’ll be able to enjoy the hundreds of different volcanoes that dot these islands, the rich forests and jagged cliffs.

The seven islands are spaced out so that each is only a day’s sail away. Most canary islands sailing professionals that start from the north head over to Lanzarote, or Fuerteventura and then on to The Gran Canaria, following the Tenerife, then La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma.

Sailing can be done during the whole year with mild temperatures that vary between 20 C and 27C. Canary Islands sailing is made more enjoyable with the trade winds that make for good sailing conditions. Although there are nice trade winds there are also some funnel effects that can cause winds to accelerate into gales. In some areas there are also swells that reach large heights, and make sailing quite a challenge. Although Canary Islands sailing can be quite beautiful and even inspiring, it is not a job for an inexperienced sailor. If you don’t have a lot of experience in sailing, you should probably hire a captain to sail with you on your sailing trip.

There are not very many safe areas to anchor in, between the different marinas and this makes the area difficult to maneuver in. When you visit a Canary Islands yacht charter service be sure to be honest about your experience, that way they will know what kind of vessel to recommend and will help you decide on whether or not to take a captain or not.

Recently the facilities for yachts and Canary Islands yacht charter services have improved greatly and more yachts are found within the islands. Some are even based there permanently.

Another recent change is the increased number of sailing yachts form Europe which spend the winter months in the Canary Islands. Most Canary Islands yacht charter services are located in Las Palmas where the yacht harbor is administered by the port authority.

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