Tenerife Takes Action to Protect the Environment

Tenerife is just one of the seven Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, yet it is making a huge impact on the environment. Tenerife has a commitment to the private and public sector to go green and do whatever they can to protect the environment of the island.

Tenerife and Tourism

The island of Tenerife is completely dependent on tourism. Tenerife has been a favorite destination for UK visitors for some time. Known as a Paradise Island, Tenerife is sunny year-round, which makes it the perfect destination for relaxing in the sun anytime of the year. Their goal is to keep it that way.

Going green and protecting the environment is one way that Tenerife can protect its status as a hot holiday spot. The island is vulnerable because it is so dependent on tourism. Changing climates could easily put them out of business and entirely change the nature of the island. Rising temperature alone could make relaxing on the beach an unbearable past-time.

Traveling to and around Tenerife

A ferry boat is available to take holidaymakers to the island of Tenerife from the mainland. The ferry goes to either Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Los Cristanos. Nearly half a million visitors come to the island of Tenerife via cruise ships. Of course, flights to Tenerife are also still available.

The main method of transportation on the island of Tenerife is buses. An elaborate fleet of newer buses provide transportation for one location to another on the island. There are some cars on the island that are available. There are also plans for a light rail network to connect the capital with the south side of the island. The idea is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the air caused by ground travel.

Tenerife Goes Green

Tenerife is doing a lot to protect its beautiful and natural environment. They’ve made a commitment to individuals and companies to go beyond the basics and protect the environment of the island with aggressive tactics.

Some of the things they are currently doing:

* The island uses water purification and its natural reserves from underground.
* They use recycling as a means to cut back on using natural resources.
* They use desalination.
* They are cutting back on carbon emissions.
* They use an elaborate bus network to minimize traffic on the island.
* It is home to tropical pilot whales, which is a huge attraction for holiday-makers. They protect their habitat.
* Half of the island is listed as either a national park or nature reserves.
* The island has been using renewable energy since the plan was devised back in 1990.

In addition to protecting the island’s natural surroundings, Tenerife is dedicated to preserving its heritage and culture.

Tenerife as a Role Model for Protecting the Environment

While we all have seen some of the effects of global warming, Tenerife has taken action to protect the environment and retain the beauty and reputation of the island. The steps they’ve taken to reduce emissions and balance carbon in the air is admirable. Their actions serve as a role model for how the world needs to react to her changing environment.

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