The Orange Blossom Coast or Costa del Azahar

Costa del Azahar literally means “Orange Blossom Coast” but there is a lot more there than oranges! It is the coastal area of the province of Castellón stretching from Vinaròs to Almenara where it joins the Costa de Valencia.

The Costa del Azahar is the miles of beautiful beaches between “Delta del Ebro” and “Cabo de la Nao.”

Great hiking and day trips

Beside the beautiful coastal strip sits an infinite green pasture dotted by orange orchards, and beside that is wild terrain.

The area inland is hilly and virtually untouched by man. Here you can see the same sights that medieval men and women did long ago. This area makes for great hiking and day trips.

It’s rare that you won’t find beach weather, but if that’s the case hiking and seeing the sites are a great alternative.

These mountains called the Sierra de Irta are protected natural areas and thus were never tampered with.

Visit the Peñíscola Castle

The coastline is home to tourist activity greatly contrasting the peaks behind. There are also small fishing villages mixed in to all this. There is a wide variety of sites to see here.

An interesting one being the Peñíscola Castle, built by the Knights Templar on the remains of an old Moorish Citadel. It was made with carved stone and is an amazing architectural masterpiece.

Drive South to have fun in Gandía

Slightly south of Valencia and known for parties and clubs, you should visit Gandía. The American show “Jersey Shore” portrays Americans partying like crazy.

MTV Spain made a Spanish version of the show that aired between 2012 – 2013 and it was set in this beach town: Gandía. As you can imagine the place is roaring with parties and nightlife especially in the beach areas!

Also, Gandías long, wide, golden, sandy beaches are a beautiful site.

In recent years it has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists, mainly French, German and British, so join the party!

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