Nightlife in Costa del Sol Can be Enjoyed in Just Two Spots

2179149566_2058e89f56_b_Ricky SalvatierraMost of the best nightlife of Costa del Sol is concentrated on what is called the Golden Mile which begins at the western edge of Marbella and stretches to Puerto Banus.

The Golden Mile is full of attractions for the night lovers such as restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, casinos and cinemas all of them of top quality. The right place for every type of person can be found in this area of Costa del Sol as well as an activity for every stage of the night.

In order to begin with the evening, Marbella is a very good option, more specifically in the old town you can find a lot of nice restaurants that can please every palate at a fair price, nevertheless Puerto Banus is a great option for those who have a wider spending budget.

In these two cities of Costa del Sol you can find every type of bar, starting from piano, passing through karaoke and ending in rock or flamenco. Examples of the already mentioned types of bars are La Notte Piano Bar, Stones Music Bar, Franks Corner and Ana Marias respectively.

In terms of pubs, the most popular are Old Joys Pub with a piano and a singer, OGradys an Irish bar with its own DJ, and Salduba perfect to have a drink while watching people pass by.

Moving to nightclubs, there are countless options, each of them with a unique atmosphere and offering a particular kind of music. If you want to enjoy Latin-American rhythms you should head to El Cubanito that as its name states is specialized in Cuban music, another option is The Mambo Club where you can dance salsa. Other popular clubs are Scream, Oh Marbella where well known DJs alternate, La Comedia and Olivia Valere which is located on an arab-andaluz building next to the mosque of Marbella and which is visited by a lot of famous people, it is the perfect place to spot the celebrities.

For those who prefer a more tranquil way of entertainment the Complejo Cinematografico Gran Marbella offers good cinema, showing different movies, the last function starting after midnight.

Finally for people who like adrenaline a visit to the Casino Nueva Andalucia will do good. The Casino has shows during the summer and is open from Monday to Thursday from 8 pm to 4 am and on Saturday from 8 pm to 5 am.

There is no doubt you can always find the right place for you to spend the night in Costa del Sol because the places mentioned above are just some examples of the many establishments you can go to.

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