Marbella Old Town on the Costa del Sol

During a recent day out to Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol, we were fortunate enough to be able to take some time out from the searing heat and wander through the maze of narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed buildings of Marbella Old Town (Casco Antiguo).

If you have never been here before but get the chance, please do take a look around this beautiful place, it is truly wonderful.

If, like us, you take great pleasure in sampling great food and drink and love to while away the time people watching, this is definitely a place for you!

Immaculate terraces and shady patios at every turn invite you to sit for drinks or relax for a while over something to eat. Try delicious tapas, dine a la carte and choose from a huge variety of Mediterranean and international cuisine,

The Spanish are very proud gardeners and the hot colours of the climbing bougainvillea and geraniums that spill from pots and wrought iron balconies are reason enough to visit this beautiful place. It really is stunning!


The Moorish influence is everywhere here with intricate mosaic, fret-work and mysterious wooden doorways set into the facades of interesting buildings on every street.

The town itself is partially surrounded by the ruins of an ancient Arab wall.

Orange Square, Marbella Old Town

The renowned Plaza de los Naranjos or Orange Square in Marbella sits at its centre and is home to the Marbella Town Hall, the Old Governor’s House and the Chapel of St Hermitage.


Orange trees surround a rectangular garden which forms one of the busiest areas of Marbella Old Town, lively and upbeat with many restaurants and cafes to choose from, the hum of activity from the diners, waiting staff and pedestrians give you the feeling that you really are at the vibrant heart of Marbella.

Marbella Old Town shopping

The shops of Marbella Old Town are famous for their emphasis on style and quality. There are so many, you can literally browse and shop all day (if you have the energy!) and much of the merchandise is exclusive to this town.


Fine Spanish leather goods are everywhere – from shoes and bags to accessories. You will mainly find independent boutiques, many long-established, all catering to the tastes of the discerning international traveller.

A firm favourite among visitors to this part of Spain is traditional Andalucian pottery, particularly the brightly painted, rustic plates and dishes along with matching cotton or lace vintage-style table linens.

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