Málaga: Suntan in Picasso’s home

The province of Málaga contains towns like Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella.

Málaga city and the towns above are all part of the Spanish coastal area known as Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun).

It is packed full of beautiful beaches and the sparkling sea can be seen from many of the numerous hotels and resorts.

The city has a busy port and busy streets, lined with bars, restaurants and shops. It is a lovely spot and where many families choose to holiday!

One of the oldest cities in the world

But Málaga is not just about beach tourism. As it is part of Andalucia it retains the charm and spirit of southern Spain, where you will find Flamenco and warm hearted people.

Málaga has a rich history because of the mix of cultures present in all Southern Spain. Found by the Phoenicians in 770BC the city has been ruled by the Romans, Moors and Christians.
Archaeological remains and monuments from these eras can still be seen in the city today.

Málaga is well connected, and trains and buses can take you anywhere you want to go in Andalusia. It is also well connected with the ports of North of Africa, which can make for a lovely and adventurous day trip.

If attempting to visit each of the various regions of Spain, Málaga will give you a good taste of how southern Spain feels.

A fun fact about this city is that the famous cubistic painter Picasso was born here. The museum dedicated to him is a must see!

The Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas was also born in Málaga. The actor is a regular visitor and also owns a home in the city.

Also, Málaga is famous for great seafood, including many fried fish dishes. Enjoy typical Andalusian white wines like fino or manzanilla.

Suntan and enjoy the beach as much as you can but don’t forget to hop over to the old city. Here you will find a calmer atmosphere filled with historic monuments and impressive churches.

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