Great Daytrips from Ibiza

If you’ve decided to come to this favourite clubbing playground this summer, you will no doubt spend most of your time between the main clubbing venues of San Antonio and Ibiza Town, with a distance of about 10 miles between the island’s east and west coasts. This is where almost all of the notorious night venues like Space and Pacha are located, so it makes to sense to hire a car given the extortionate taxi fares that mirror the drink prices.

A car makes it possible to see things in the day when most other people are locked into the familiar beach-club-beach cycle, therefore allowing you to make the most of this stunning Spanish island. A short trip north to Sant Joan de Labritjain is an easy drive to some of the most undeveloped and idyllic beaches on the island, where the elevation of the coastline rises offering spectacular views out over the Mediterranean.

This is an area that used to be very popular when Ibiza first placed itself on the tourism map back in the 1960s, but has today been eclipsed by the central and southern coastal regions Ibiza rental autos discounts A drive around the coast here provides an opportunity to track down that perfect secluded little bay and some much-needed peace and quiet before things kick off again in the evening.

ibiza_2006.jpgDown at the southern end of the island, Santa Eulària del Riu is a look at how the other half lives, an area of private villas with pools that lie largely vacant until the summer arrives. Towns like Port des Torrent and San Carlos are particularly pleasant and feature some superb beaches to explore. Las Dalias and Punta Arabi are also worth visiting for their hippy markets which contrast strongly with the surrounding properties.

The nearby region of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, also in the south of the island, holds some of Ibiza’s most stunning scenery which can be reached easily by car from San Antonio, just six miles away. At nearly 500 meters tall, the highest mountain on Ibiza, which goes by the same name as the region, lies in this mostly protected region. In the summer, head up the mountain on a clear day for some breathtaking views that take in most of the island, stretching to San Antonio and beyond.

In the vicinity are also the Cova Santa caves which go back some 25 metres into the rock face. Once out of the car, it is possible to explore this picturesque area on horseback, foot or by bike, all popular outdoor activities here. The region is also home to some impressive relics dating back more than 2,000 years to the Punic-Roman era.

Heading east, Santa Eularía des Río is a must-see for those that decide to hire a car. With its idyllic 15th century fort, Puig D’Missa, surveying the little town and bay below, this is a town with stunning scenery that can get extremely rowdy for all the right reasons. Forget the super clubs and beer bottles, the fiestas at Santa Eularía des Río are the genuine Ibiza article. Come during Easter for the liveliest fiestas which take over most of the town. A look back at more of Ibiza’s traditions prior to the arrival of the tourism hoards can be seen at the Living Museum, which traces the island’s history and culture.

The Ibiza experience for many revolves around the club circuit, but by hiring a car to explore the island, visitors can get a more complete view of what this Balearic island has to offer. Book online Ibiza rental cars After 22 hours at the Space Sunday session, a little peace and quiet can make a welcome change to the dance floor.

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