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Travelling abroad can be a stressful thing, booking flights and hotels and trying to get a plan together of what you can do and see whilst you are there. There are many different types of hotels in Europe and Spain is no different, there are hotels that are ideally placed with fantastic service or there are hotels where you use just as a base to rest your head after a long days sightseeing.

When looking to book cheap hotels in Spain, make sure you know what the average price is in order for you to have a good idea of what is a good price and what isn’t. If you are planning on going to Madrid, think about staying in a hotel outside the city to save yourself a considerable amount of money. Staying in areas such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are going to cost you up to double the price than if you stayed in the Asturias region which is in the north-west of Spain.

Some hotels will have better offers than others so shop around for a good deal. As with flights, consider staying during off-peak times to save yourself more. There are many different hoteliers in Spain so you should be able to find a couple that offer a competitive price. Depending on your requirements will depend on the quality of hotel you choose, if you want a 5 star hotel in Madrid next to the “Palacio Real” then expect to pay around £70 per person per night and although this may seem expensive, the quality of service will be impeccable and you are in the centre of Madrid which means you will not need any taxis (unless you want to venture out of course!). For an alternative on hotels, special holiday cottages are available in Spain, at an average off peak price of £250 for a cottage in Northern Spain, this offers the customer something different and is often more accommodating for children.

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