Drinking in Spain: Be Responsible!

alcohol-492871_640Visit Spain, and you are guaranteed to change the way you view drinking. In many cultures, especially the British lifestyle teens and young adults drink to get drunk.

Partying with your friends involves consuming as much alcohol as possible and laugh about what you don’t remember the next day. In Spain when the young people go out their goal is not to get drunk.

In Spain the attitude is much different. There is always a cause for celebration in Spain, in cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga it is completely normal to drink and party each night. Spain is constantly hosting festivals and parties that will always contain alcohol. Yet drunkenness and stupid behavior are seen here far less than in the UK!

The drinking age in Spain is 18, but the bartenders are very lax. The tradition of drinking in Spain particularly wine is a very old one, and children are allowed a sip of their parent’s drink much younger.

Having a beer at lunch is perfectly normal and sharing pitchers of Sangria is a good way to make memories with friends. There is no need to wait until it’s 5pm here in Spain.

Perhaps it is because beer and wine pair so well with tapas, but while in Spain drink, but don’t embarrass yourself and get drunk!