Costa Del Sol – A Great Place To Visit In Spain

Plaza de los Naranjos - MarbellaSpain is a country with a long and interesting history. As a mixture of past cultures, the present shows a country with fascinating traditions. It is also important to know that no matter what the ordinary tourist is looking for, he can find it all in this country: beautiful beaches with great weather all year round, mountains perfect for skiing, great sightseeing cities with a lot of culture. Because of all these, there is a number of about 60 million tourists every year and it is constantly growing. So, a concern for all these people coming to visit is the availability of rooms in hotels in Costa del Sol.

The Spanish tourism flourishes every year because it is one of the most affordable and easy to reach destinations in Europe offering a variety of choices regarding accommodations, travelling means and entertainment. The hotels in Costa del Sol are always full of tourists, due to the fact that the region has great potential. There is something interesting to do for everyone, from families, who want to have fun with the children, to singles looking to hang out on the beach and enjoy the nightlife. There are hotels in Costa del Sol to cater for all tastes and needs. For example, families who want to spend quality time with their children can stay in some hotels in Costa del Sol which are closer to the Selwo Wildlife Park. Depending on what you plan on doing during your holiday, the region has it all.

The region was discovered for international tourism only in the 1950 and it became renowned for its beautiful beaches. But this is not the only a reason for the hotels in Costa del Sol to always be full of visitors. Lately, another attraction has drawn tourists – golf. The vast number of high-quality golf courses in the area has contributed to the increase in tourism and to the fact that a lot of complexes have started to be built. The scenery is wonderful for those romantic persons willing to relax and spend some time admiring the area. The Mediterranean Sea, seen from the transformed sunny coast or from the window of your hotel in Costa del Sol, is undeniably wonderful. White-washed villas, high buildings and the hotels in Costa del Sol bring the region a personal light full of charm and satisfactory for all tastes. As the area is heavily urbanised, it doesn’t matter if you’ve checked in one of the hotels in Costa del Sol or if you prefer a villa, architectural styles create an unforgettable mixture ready to please anyone.

For water park amateurs, there are some hotels in Costa del Sol which are close to Torremolinos where there are 2 such parks with plenty of water slides that are great fun. Also, for those with more cultural tastes, finding a stay in Costa de Sol hotels, closer to Malaga, is very helpful because in this city you can visit the Picasso Museum. Last, but not least, if you are a plant lover, you can’t miss the chance to visit the Bonsai Museum or the Botanical Gardens. Of course, there are plenty of Costa del Sol hotels close to these areas.

Undoubtedly, most hotels in Costa del Sol are situated along the beach of the Mediterranean Sea, as the main attraction for people who come here is this – lazing on the beach, enjoying tasty drinks, getting a nice tan and forgetting all about the hardships of life. Costa del Sol hotels are the most popular because it is more comfortable for those who are looking to relax and unwind to spend as little time on the road between destinations. They can easily go to the beach and come back to the Costa del Sol hotels to rest and have launch.

The most distinguished city in the Costa del Sol region is Marbella, the place where the king of Saudi Arabia built one of his palaces. There are numerous hotels in Marbella, due to the fact that the area has a huge number of tourists every year. Its popularity is surpassed only by the quality of the offered services. Because of the competition, it is only normal for the hotels in Marbella to have become more and more customer – oriented. Therefore, no matter what you want, everything is of excellent taste and quality, especially when it comes to the few Marbella hotels situated in the harbour – Puerto Banus. They might however be more expensive than the hotels in other parts of Costa del Sol, due to the fact that Marbella hotels have only three or four stars. Staying in one of the hotels in Marbella might cost you more, but you can have it all right there, even a small kitchen. Also, there are Marbella hotels which offer suites, not simple rooms, and they are all as luxurious as you can imagine.

People who want to spend less money on housing and still spend their time in the heart of Costa del Sol can do so by staying in one of the cheaper Marbella hotels situated a little further away. It’s a fifteen minute drive from these hotels to the core of the excitement. However, due to the fact that renting a car or paying for a cab is quite expensive, in the end, one might end up paying even more than by staying in one of the hotels in Marbella to begin with.

The advantages of staying in the comfort of one of the hotels in Marbella are numerous. Besides the comfort, by visiting Marbella you can get to see some great sights like Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo, the old city centre, the Arabian Wall, the Bonsai museum (which was already mentioned) and a lot beaches like Fontanilla and Bajadilla. The beauty of this place is reflected in the fact that a lot of famous people have chosen it for a vacation destination. So, if you decide to book a room in one of the hotels in Marbella, you might get to spot someone like Antonio Banderas or Sean Connery on the beach sitting next to you. It is after all a favourite destination for wealthy tourists, who enjoy quality services in luxurious hotels in Marbella and love peace and quite away from the eye of the press.

To conclude with, the hotels in Costa del Sol and especially the expensive, distinguished hotels in Marbella, are one more reason to visit this beautiful region of Spain. No matter if you come there with the entire family or by yourself, you will be able to have a great time and find interesting things to do.

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