Churros and Chocolate

Whilst Spain is gently cementing an international reputation for globally renowned haute cuisine with places such as El Bulli and Arzak pushing the bounds of the new molecular gastronomy, it’s the classic street food, differing from region to region, that (if done with passion and authenticity) continues to enthrall visitors to this foodie country.

Scroll down for video tour of Madrid’s most famous Choclate y Churros cafe!

It’s the classics that will last the test of time! We’re thinking of salted cod, iberico ham, paella, Galician barnacles, proper sherry etc, we’re thinking tapas or pinchos that, done well, will linger long in the memory. One such treat that will have you licking your lips long after you’ve left Spain are churros.

Churros are, essentially, long sticks of fried dough, which curl gently when cooked.

They emerge from the oil as searingly hot, golden brown fingers of heaven, that are then sprinkled with sugar (to taste) and eaten as soon as possible.

What makes this simple snack magical though is the accompaniment of thick, gooey, melted, dark chocolate; you simply dip the churro into the unctuous dark cup or bowl of goodness.

It’s the perfect breakfast on a hangover; the resulting sugar rush will get you through anything. Even better; enjoy them with a cup or two of super strong espresso; coffee, chocolate and churros: does it get any better!

For some reason, they don’t become sickly, not even after several.

Don’t worry about the calories, the fat, the sugar, the carbohydrates, the high GI etc.; come on you’re on holiday!

You deserve a break from all that self-flagellation. Trust us; you’ll love churros and wonder why you don’t see them that much outside of Spain. Enjoy!

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