Cheap Spanish Holidays, a lot cheaper than you may think!

If you are still thinking of a holiday for this year and don’t fancy taking the plunge and staying in the UK as most of the media outlets in England are trying to convince you to do so, there are still some great bargains to be had from some of the online travel companies, if you fancy something not too far away but far enough to guarantee that it actually feels like you have had a summer holiday then read on.

With a little bit of research and an evening spent searching the net, you will probably discover that Spain and most of the Spanish resorts still make a viable alternative to staying in blighty! For a relatively cheap package deal, you could be stepping out onto the sun kissed Mediteranean coastline for not as much as you may have thought.

Lets be honest here for a moment, taking a stroll along the promenade in Eastbourne or Bognor has never really appealed to me, stopping at the little seaside stalls and ordering a styrofoam cup full of mussels and eating them with a wooden prong thingy, pitching my tent on a campsite and having to walk 5 minutes around said campsite to use the loo or taking in a punch and judy show is not really a very high priority on my great list of things to do when it comes to summertime holidays.

Now I know all people are different, and what I have described above is some peoples idea of a good family holiday. Certainly in this current financial climate the UK media would like you to beleive that that is what you should be doing too!

What you don’t always see being reported in the press back in the UK, and we have 1st hand experience of this because we live here, is that over here in Spain when you have actually arrived for your holidays, virtually everything and everyone involved in servicing the tourism industry are at war and as a result most things have been drastically reduced in price!

Restaurants over here on the costa del sol are all in high competition with each other, each one trying to out do the other for your trade. This results in you being the absolute winner and being able to dine out in the evening for nearly 50% less than you could have done last year!

Menu del dia’s are the order of the day along the paseo maritimo here in Benalmadena Costa, I know because I have see them, how about a 3 course meal for €6.95 including a half bottle of wine, a beer or soft drink per person! I’m sure you can do the maths but that works out for a family of 4 only €27.80 including dessert and your 1st round of drinks. With extra beers being thrown in for just a €1 a glass there is no better time to get down here and holiday without breaking the bank. Fancy a chinese meal? I stopped at a chinese restaurant on saturday night with my 3 friends in Arroyo de la Miel, we wondered what all the fuss was about as people were actually queuing to get in the place, when I read the menu board outside it was no wonder, chinese meal, 3 courses including coffee just €4.95 per person! Pints of Mahou beer or glass of wine, just an extra €1.70. The food was great, we had an enjoyable evening and were not felt as though we were being rushed out of the place so they could get the next sitting in.

Torremolinos is exactly the same as is Fuengirola, every bar, cafe and restaurant all trying to get your trade and entice you into their establishment touting the best prices on the coast.

Obviously all of the above totally depends on your circumstances in this financial crisis and everyones idea of summer holidays are all different, but if you are the type that yearns for a holiday outside of the UK and you do not want to break the bank, you should still consider Spain as an option, it maybe a lot cheaper than you think.

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