Cadiz: Spain’s Oldest City

Cadiz is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Andalucia. Also, it’s the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in all southwestern Europe! It has great beaches and is well worth a visit for fun and for the history!

Cadiz has been a main port for the Spanish Navy since the 18th century. The shape of the city is like a large península, a narrow slice of land surrounded by the ocean.

The landmarks here are quite well preserved which makes for great tourism activity, sure to please along with the amazing views. The old town that sits within the remnants of the towns walls include the quarters El Popula, La Viña, and Santa María. These winding streets are most charming and really take you back in time.

As mentioned Cadiz’s península shape provides home to some of Andalucia’s most beautiful beaches. La Playa de la Caleta is the most popular beach, it is often mentioned in songs of carnival since it is closest to the Barrio de la Viña in the old town.

The beach sits anchored by two magnificent castles: San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. La Caleta looks remarkably like Havana, Cuba and many movies have been filmed here, including James Bond: Die Another Day!

La Playa de la Victoria is in the newer part of the city and is quite large with a lot of sandy space to tan and play. There are no rocks at this beach so it is mainly used for swimming. La Playa de Santa Maria del Mar, is often called Playita de las Mujeres, meaning Small Beach of the Women. From here beautiful views of Old Cádiz can be seen.

This city is the oldest in Spain and has great beaches! For your summer Spain adventure, this city is a must visit!

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