Best White Villages in Anadalucia

Andalucia is the southernmost region of Spain and peppered with little white villages, or Pueblos Blancos.

The villages are characterised by whitewashed walls, red or brown tiled roofs and a sleepy laid back atmosphere especially after lunch.

These charming series of towns and villages can be found in the north western part of Málaga province and the central and western areas of Cádiz province. Most of them surrounding or within the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

The most famous pueblos blancos are:

Grazalema, Ronda, Olvera -main town of the area, Arcos de la Frontera -perched on a cliff, Vejer de la Frontera -the chic one, Zahara de la Sierra, Puerto de las Palomas, Villaluenga del Rosario -highest of the White Towns and one of the prettiest, Benaocaz -an Arab town with remains of a fortress, Ubrique -largest of the White Towns, Benamahoma, El Bosque -trout fishing and hang gliding from here, Prado del Rey -a more modern village, Puerto Serrano, Algodonales -16th century town with some Roman ruins, El Gastor -The Balcony of White Towns, Setenil de las Bodegas -built into the rocks, Alcalá del Valle, Torre Alhaquime, Algar, Espera and Bornos and Villamartín.

Zahara de la Sierra
Zahara de la Sierra

Day trips to discover all the White Villages

The best way to visit them would be by car and enjoy day trips to each small town. The whitewashed walls and bougainvillea draped cottages will lure you in.

The eagles soaring above really emphasize how far from city life you actually are. These villages are usually located on hillsides so be sure to wear your sneakers.

Walking through the steep hills of the little white homes you will stumble upon many hidden plazas. And these plazas are sure to be bursting with bars and restaurants.

As a result of these white homes being a bit tiny, many activities are moved out of the home. One of these activities is eating.

These small villages host many food festivals each year, and you should try to find one!

These are commonly feasts of jamon, snails, morcilla (black pudding) and cheese festivals too. There is really something for everyone!

You can almost always enjoy a free flamenco show and hear the classic folk music of southern Spain. It is impossible not to clap along and smile the whole show.

Discover Andalucia

The views and the history of this region will soak you in. The south of Spain has a lovely small town way of life that is warm and inviting.

Take a road trip from Spanish resorts by the coast to see the countryside of Andalucia and you will be surprised how much these tiny towns have to offer you!

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