Barcelona: Always Picture Perfect

With all the applications for photo editing it has never been easier to be a photo artist.

But even with the most basic camera or camera phone you can capture great shots, as Barcelona always manages to look good.

You don’t need a perfect sunny day for Barcelona, though they are common. The sites of Barcelona sparkle and smile for the camera and make creating memories easy. In a weekend here it is easy to take more than 2,000 pictures and occurs quite often!

You don’t need Photoshop to make the colors of the Boqueria Market pop. The fruit and vegetable stalls glow with the brightness of freshness and quality.

The tiles of Gaudí’s Casa Milà have a way of sparkling even on rainy days. The tiles of Parc Güell are so well maintained they are as bright and colorful as the day Gaudí’s artists painted them.

The way the light shines through the stained glass of Sagrada Familia is worth a photo or a dozen.

On the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean a picture with you and your friends juming in the waves is a necessity.

Just as typical of the beautiful panoramic shot of the city from the top of the 3 crosses at Parc Guell.

The contrasting new and old architecture side by side is frequent and beautiful in Barcelona, this always makes for a good shot.

Even just people watching you can get great shots and really learn about the culture. The colorful characters of Barcelona make for great subjects for your new hobby.

The autumn leaves seem even more orange and vibrant in Barcelona, as most things just seem more beautiful here.

So if you are a pro or a rookie come to Barcelona and take some great shots and make some great memories.

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