A Helpful Guide To The Costa Blanca In Spain

Whether you’ve began in the North working your way south, or the other way around, you vacation in Spain is going to be enjoyed. Being set in the Province of Alicante, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa Blanca begins in the South in the fairly well known Spain town of Torrevieja, which is a part of the Valencian Community in the region.

Translated to English, Costa Blanca means the “white coast”, which is likely derived from it’s white beaches, and the buildings that are mostly white washed through towns like Javea, Benidorm, Moraira, Alicante, and Torrevieja. You’ll likely start near the town of Alicante on your vacation being that it holds an international airport which is known as the Atlet – and this is where your wonderful vacation will gain momentum as an experience that you’ll not soon forget.

You’ll likely arrive in the city by public transportation such as bus or taxi, and you’ll understand why so many people love this vacation spot. The Saint Barbara Castle, which was built in 300 B.C. and is still standing is prominent at the foot of a hill. This castle has stood through numerous wars and battles, yet it’s beauty and structure have been kept up, and these days houses a renowned restaurant in town.

As well, you’ll love strolling along the beaches of the area, which separate from the city with just a tiled promenade walkway that is lined with all types of flowers and palm trees. Along this walkway you’ll get to experience the vibrancy of the town where booths line the way with handmade goods, or different forms of live entertainment such as jazz bands, or live orchestras that compliment perfectly the gentle summer nights breeze.

Following a fine guide book, or map of Alicante you’ll see your choice of the different holiday festivals like the Saint John Bonfires, which hosts impressive wooden and carton monuments that display local international characters, where pagan tradition has ensured the warding off of evil spirits by burning the images of these characters into the ground.

Also on your trip you’ll be able to visit Benidorm which will be quite easy to get to and from because of the great transport system that flows from the Alicante airport into the region. In this area, during the day you can lounge by the beach relaxing in the near perfect weather, or else take your family to one of the cities great theme parks. These theme parks include Terra Mitica, which hosts rides that contain history of ancient Rome or Egypt, or visit the exciting water park Aqualandia, which is within the city. This is one of the places to keep on your list in order to keep nice and cool.

You can also keep cool at the Terra Natura, which is actually a zoo where the family can enjoy all different sorts of animals that your family can come into full contact with. So there should no longer be any doubt in your mind that you and your entire family can enjoy a superb vacation of excitement and relaxation.

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